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OLD BAY® VODKA is made at McClintock Distilling in Frederick, Maryland.

OLD BAY® VODKA was founded by OLD BAY®.

No, OLD BAY® VODKA is not kosher.

OLD BAY® VODKA is made from corn distilled to 6 times purity and then flavored with high-quality natural ingredients found in OLD BAY® made by McCormick & Company.

Yes, OLD BAY® VODKA is vegan.

Distilling is the process of refining alcohol using a still to concentrate and collect spirits.

OLD BAY® VODKA is distilled six times for maximum purity and smoothness.

McClintock distills the OLD BAY® VODKA to 6 times purity to get the best balance of flavor and smoothness by making a cleaner and more pure product.

All distilled spirits start clear and then we filter the vodka for purity and mellow flavor so there is no color to the vodka.

OLD BAY® VODKA is 70 proof or 35% alcohol by volume.

OLD BAY® VODKA is best stored at room temperature outside of direct sunlight but can be stored in a fridge or freezer as well.

OLD BAY® VODKA does not have an expiration date and if stored properly, will retain its great flavor and character for decades.

Each bottle contains 750mL or about 16 x 1.5 oz. servings.

OLD BAY® VODKA is a crisp, refreshing, smooth vodka with fresh celery and herbal notes followed by sweet spice and mild heat (red pepper) notes. This is an extremely well-balanced, easy drinking and very versatile Vodka that pairs beautifully with many food & drink recipes.

Maryland and Delaware


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